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Adlens Focuss in Golden Vision Optometry of Cupertino

Adlens Focuss in Milpitas and CupertinoAre you tired of carrying around multiple pairs of glasses with different prescriptions? Are the limitations and drawbacks of bifocals or in-line progressive lenses holding you back from seeing things clearly all the time? Then variable focus prescription glasses from a Golden optometric specialist can help. Options such as Adlens Focuss may provide the perfect solution for you if the following issues are causing focus problems.

Common Issues Associated with Bifocals and No-Line Progressive Lenses

  • Designed for those with dual vision issues or those suffering from presbyopia — a condition associated with aging — bifocal and no-line progressive eyeglasses can become cumbersome for some patients for a number of reasons.
  • There are two lense powers in play with progressives and bifocals, one for near vision and one for distances. You have to adjust your head angle to ‘activate’ the line of sight every time your tasks change.
  • Near-vision views can distort things that you need to see, such as when climbing stairs or stepping off a curb as you look down.
  • Wearers of progressive lenses often suffer aberrations in lateral periphery, causing dizziness and eye blurring with rapid head movement.
  • Those with prebyopia are often burdened with a pair of glasses for their nearsightedness, one for distance vision, and other pair for computer work.

Conventional multifocal lenses don’t meet the varying needs of patients, and that’s when it’s time to ask your eye doctor for a comprehensive optometry exam to determine if Adlens Focuss should come in to improve your sight.

How Adlens Focuss Can Help You See Clearly

Adlens Focuss features a selection of prescription variable focus eyewear options and consists of frames with self-adjustable lenses that you can change on a moments notice. Two polycarbonate lenses in these unique frames allows a fluid to be injected into a chamber situated between them with each turn of a self-adjustable dial on each lens. The membrane alters outward or inward according to your custom settings, altering the overall lens system, giving you complete control over what you see.

Several Adlens Focuss Options for Everyone

One popular Adlens Focuss option is called Alvares, which features two thin lenses that can be transposed across each other to instantly change to improve clarity in items near or far. Another amazing innovation are Sundials, which serve as a spare pair of prescription sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection for those sunny days. Ask your eye doctor during your eye exam about the latest innovations in the Adlens Focuss collection.

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