Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

Not everyone is able to wear standard contact lenses. Fit can become a challenge when patients have a high degree of myopia or hyperopia, extremely dry eyes, an irregular cornea or high astigmatism, or even small eye openings.

While standard contact lenses may not be an option for eyes that are hard-to-fit, there are specialized lenses available. Our Golden Vision eye doctors have over 20 years of experience in fitting irregular or difficult contact lens prescriptions.


The Golden Vision Difference

At Cupertino and Milpitas optometrists specialize in fitting patients with these hard-to-fit contact lenses. Our extensive experience allows us to correct prescriptions as high as -10 diopters. We are also able to correct vision for those people who have a high level of astigmatism. Our goal is to give you superior care that takes into account the unique needs of your individual eyes.

The Golden Vision Difference is truly our outstanding team of Milpitas and Cupertino eye doctors who use the latest in contact lens materials and fitting technology to help you get the clear vision you need. They are led by Dr. Julia Wen, who is one of the few experts in scleral lenses for those who have corneal pathology, keratoconus, or a lot of astigmatism.

If you have any questions about hard-to-fit contact lenses, call our Cupertino or Milpitas offices at (408) 996-9886 (Cupertino) or (408) 432-8101 (Milpitas).

The Golden Vision Difference


Golden Vision corrects challenging vision problems by using specialized contact lenses. These lenses have different shapes and use alternative materials than traditional contact lenses in order to adapt to your eyes’ unique needs.

Take a look below at some of the common eye issues we can help with using the lenses we provide.

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are one of the most common vision problems we see. However, with new gas permeable contact lenses, fitting contact lenses for dry eyes is now easier than ever. These gas permeable lenses are smaller than soft contact lenses and allow your eyes to retain more moisture. For those who do not like the feel of the hard gas permeable lenses, we do offer an alternative in softer materials.

Contact lenses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is when your eye has trouble focusing light, often because the cornea is irregularly shaped. In some cases, the eye is in an oval shape so you need different prescriptions in different parts of your contact lenses. To help correct vision with astigmatism, we use custom toric lenses. These are designed so that the lens always adjusts to be right side up, which helps your eye line up correctly with the prescription on the lens.

Contact lenses for Keratoconus

Keratoconus is an eye disease that affects your cornea. With keratoconus, your normally round cornea begins to thin and then bulge outward into the shape of a cone. At Golden Vision, we use rigid gas permeable lenses or scleral lenses (that rest on the white of the eye) to correct the vision of patients with keratoconus.

Post-LASIK Surgery Contact lenses

Sometimes if you have a high degree of astigmatism, your vision may not be 20/20 after LASIK surgery and is need of further correction. In these cases, we use toric contact lenses to give patients the 20/20 vision they are seeking. We also offer specialized contact lenses that minimize glare and other vision issues post-surgery.

Bifocal Contact lenses

Presbyopia is the loss of near focusing ability that naturally occurs as you age. For these patients, we offer both bifocal and multifocal contact lenses because they can have different prescriptions in the same lenses. This way, patients will always have the clear vision they need, without having to switch eyeglasses or contact lenses.


First Step: Visiting our Cupertino & Milpitas eye doctors

If you think you may be in need of hard-to-fit contact lenses, the first step is scheduling an appointment with our Cupertino or Milpitas eye clinics. Our eye doctors will help identify your specific eye issues and advise on appropriate next steps to achieving the clear vision you want.

Second Step: Comprehensive eye exam by a Cupertino or Milpitas optometrist

Our licensed optometrist will give you a comprehensive eye exam that includes a traditional eye chart prescription correction, overall eye health check, and detailed eye measurements. We ensure a thorough examination so that we have the most accurate information when caring for your eyes.

Third Step: Consultation with your eye doctor

With the information gathered from your eye exam, you and your eye doctor will discuss what type of contact lenses will work best for your eyes. Our Cupertino or Milpitas office will prepare your prescription and schedule the necessary fittings. This process may take longer than ordering standard contact lenses, simply because these lenses are more complicated to prepare. Your eye doctor will keep you updated on the progress of your prescription.

Our eye doctors at the Cupertino and Milpitas offices give superior eye care. They have unparalleled experience in fitting patients with specialized contact lenses and can treat even the most complex contact lens prescription. We can help you find the 20/20 vision you need!

Call and Make an Appointment with a Cupertino or Milpitas Eye Doctor Today!

This place is amazing if you're looking for a trust worthy optometry. I was instantly approached by one of the employees named Benson. He was great and helped me choose the best sunglasses that fit me and my budget. I will definitely come back here with my son to get his eyes checked.

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Dr. Tsang is detail oriented and was extremely helpful in fixing a progressive lens issue. Everyone here really went the extra mile to ensure that my new prescription glasses were perfect. It's rare to find such a dedicated team in retail stores these days.

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I have been going to "Golden Vision Milpitas" for my glasses for many years. They have a very professional team, good customer service and a great selection of frames. They are extremely knowledgeable and really helped me. They are the best!

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