Orthokeratology is a technique that uses specialized contact lenses to alter the contours of the cornea overnight. While this technique will provide clear vision during the day, its main purpose is to control the progression of myopia in children and teens to prevent increasingly high prescriptions.

When light enters an eye that isn’t shaped quite normally, due to myopia, the resulting image will be blurry. Glasses and contacts can correct the refraction before the light enters the eye, but many people find it inconvenient to wear these lenses every day. Ortho-K contact lenses are typically worn at night, while you sleep, and actually re-mold the cornea to correct the refractive error. In the morning, remove the lenses, and your vision is clear.

Ortho-K can provide vision correction for myopia as well as (to a lesser extent) hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. The effect may last anywhere from one day to several days, but you can always schedule your bedtime Ortho-K routine to keep the correction going.


Ortho-K Control Myopia in Children

Myopia affects up to 40 percent of the population, including 60 percent of U.S. college graduates. The elongation of the eyeball that produces this refractive error can also increase vulnerability to retinal detachment and other complications. Most of the eye’s elongation occurs during childhood and young adulthood, meaning that this is the key period in which to try and control its progression. Orthokeratology has proven its effectiveness at doing just that. A Hong Kong study found that Ortho-K slowed the advance of myopia in children. An Ohio State study saw a 60 percent reduction in the elongation of the eye. Our custom designed Golden Vision lenses are even more effective, slowing down the rate of myopia by 80-90%.

Ortho-K Control Myopia in Children


Eye Care Consultation

Our Milpitas and Cupertino optometry experts can evaluate your children’s eyes and tell you whether this treatment method makes sense for them. We can then develop a personalized myopia control program for your child that may include Ortho-K lenses and other myopia control techniques.


The current industry standard Ortho-K lenses is an FDA approved system called Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT. It is used by a majority of optometrists today and can correct prescriptions as high as -6 with a small amount of astigmatism.
At Golden Vision, we offer CRT lenses for those patients looking for a more general commercial lens. We also offer our own custom Gold Design lenses that treat prescriptions higher than -6 and deliver more effective results.

Golden Vision Ortho-K Custom Design Gold Lenses

Ortho-K Custom Gold Design Lenses

Our Gold Design lenses are exclusive to Golden Vision as they have been developed by our experienced Cupertino and Milpitas eye doctors. They are custom made for your eyes, taking into account your prescription, specific eye size, and unique eye shape. Our lenses can handle prescriptions as high as -10 diopters as well as a high amount of astigmatism. They have been approved for overnight use for up to 16 hours due to their breathability, safety, and comfort.

Most Ortho-K lenses need at least 8 hours of wear every night for two to three days to give you 20/20 vision. Our lenses only require four hours of wear for one night to provide you with optimal clear vision. If you have a low prescription, just 30 minutes of wear will be enough to gain results.

See how effective our Gold Design lenses are compared to traditional CRT by scheduling your appointment at our Cupertino or Milpitas offices.


Custom Ortho-K Lens Fitting and Materials

Our hard Ortho-K lenses are oxygen permeable in order to prevent dry eye with overnight use. Patients who are not comfortable wearing hard lenses also have the option of our custom Ortho-K soft lenses.

At Golden Vision we specialize in fitting Ortho-K lenses to your unique eyes using the latest technology to create an accurate map of your cornea, including a corneal topographer and OCT scan. Our Ortho-K optometrists then develop custom lenses based on these precise measurements to ensure the most effective vision correction.


Taking Care of Ortho-K Lenses

Just like with standard contact lenses, Ortho-K lenses require daily care. We will provide you a hydrogen peroxide system made specifically to clean Ortho-K lenses and minimize the risk of bacterial infection. Ortho-K lenses should be changed once a year to ensure the best eye hygiene practices.

If for any reason you are unable to wear your Ortho-K lenses due to illness, infection, or other reasons, you may need glasses or contact lenses in the morning for 20/20 vision. Once you are able to wear your Ortho-K lenses overnight again, you should have clear vision by the following morning.

Taking Care of Ortho-K Lenses


Visual Insurance

Ortho-K is eligible for coverage under certain vision insurance plans. To know if your individual plan offers Ortho-K coverage, contact our Golden Vision Cupertino and Milpitas insurance experts who can explain your plan and benefits.

To learn more about your insurance plan and Golden Vision’s financing options, check out our insurance and payments page.

The More You Wait, The Higher the Risk

Every day without Ortho-K, your child’s myopia increases. This gives them a higher prescription and a higher risk for eye diseases like retinal detachment, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Ortho-K Offers A Better Way

Ortho-K gives kids the freedom to be active and adventurous without the burden of glasses or contact lenses. The best part though is that their future eyesight and eye health will be protected. Don’t wait any longer – schedule your child’s eye exam in Milpitas or Cupertino today.

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