Golden Vision is committed to ensuring every patient fully understands their vision insurance coverage and benefits. Our staff has extensive experience working with vision insurance providers and is proud to share our expertise with you. We will answer all your questions and can even help you submit claims to your vision insurance provider. Please know that while most vision plans are created to cover basic eye care costs, they may not cover everything. Some plans may require a co-payment for appointments and/or out-of-pocket payments.

Contact us at (408) 996-9886 (Cupertino) or (408) 432-8101 (Milpitas) to find out what benefits your insurance company may provide or for more information about your vision coverage. We accept plans from the following insurance providers:

Anthem Blue Cross insurance
Blue Shield of California
Cigna Vision Insurance
Davis Vision Insurance
Eye Med Insurance
Medicare Vision Insurance
MES Vision Insurance
Premium Eyecare Insurance
Spectra Insurance
Superior Vision Insurance
United Healthcare Insurance
VSP Insurance

Contact our office at to find out what benefits your insurance may
provide or for more information about your vision coverage.


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A Flexible Spending Account, sometimes referred to as a cafeteria plan or FSA/HSA, allows you to set aside a portion of your earnings to pay for qualified medical expenses. They can be used alongside your vision insurance plan to cover any out-of-pocket costs. FSA’s are often offered by employers and are not subject to payroll taxes.

Patients commonly use their FSA to cover the cost of:

• Eye exams
• Prescription glasses and frames
• Contact lenses
• Sunglasses
• And more

To know if you are eligible for an FSA account, ask the benefits administrator at your company. If you have any questions about what Golden Vision services are covered by your insurance plan or qualify for payments from your FSA, call (408) 996-9886 (Cupertino) or (408) 432-8101 (Milpitas). We are here to help answer all your questions and ensure you get the best possible coverage!


Golden Vision in Cupertino and Milpitas accepts VSP insurance benefits for vision and eye health care services.

  • VSP insurance can cover annual eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision correction therapies.
  • VSP WellVision is a thorough eye exam that includes an eye care health check for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.
  • VSP benefits are also eligible to pay for pre- and post-operative laser eye surgery care at Golden Vision and will protect you financially if there is ever an eye health emergency.

Our Golden Vision insurance experts can assist you in filing claims as well as help you use your VSP benefits.


This place is amazing if you're looking for a trust worthy optometry. I was instantly approached by one of the employees named Benson. He was great and helped me choose the best sunglasses that fit me and my budget. I will definitely come back here with my son to get his eyes checked.

Milpitas, CA

Dr. Tsang is detail oriented and was extremely helpful in fixing a progressive lens issue. Everyone here really went the extra mile to ensure that my new prescription glasses were perfect. It's rare to find such a dedicated team in retail stores these days.

Cupertino, CA

I have been going to "Golden Vision Milpitas" for my glasses for many years. They have a very professional team, good customer service and a great selection of frames. They are extremely knowledgeable and really helped me. They are the best!

Milpitas, CA

Golden Vision is great. The doctors and staff are highly responsive, they do not try to sell you things you do not need and when you get your new glasses, you actually have improved vision. Great group of people!

Cupertino, CA